Insight Meditation helps us discover and experience the truth of nature

Why is meditation so important? Can it really help us to feel happier? Meditation is awareness of how things are in the present moment. Vipassana Meditation enables us to see for ourselves the fundamental truth of Buddhism; that which arises will ultimately cease to be (i.e. all conditioned things are temporary, unsatisfactory, ownerless and uncontrollable).

Make time for Peaceful Reflection and Meditation

Try to take time-out each day for peaceful reflection and meditation. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day will be highly beneficial.

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What is Vipassana Meditation? Different Types of Techniques & Retreats
Aug 7, 2017 - The Vipassana experience allows you to see your true nature. ... The truth is, although the practice was a discovery of Buddha, ... Vipassana meditation helps us to view our minds with clarity and inherently know ourselves.

What Exactly is Vipassana Meditation? - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Vipassana meditation is different from other practices of Buddhist meditation. ... The object of Vipassana meditation practice is to learn to see the truth of ... It is a process of self-discovery, a participatory investigation in which you observe your ... the true nature of life I want to know what this experience of being alive really is .  ... Insight meditation is a path of discovery. (By Jack Kornfield)

"Meditation gives space in the mind; it gives us the space to experience.  Normally, our lives are so cluttered that we don't even have breathing space.  But meditation gives us the breathing space so that things can arise, so that understanding and experience can come up.  Normally, we are so busy that they can't surface, because there is no room ... meditation is about coming back to our silent inner spaciousness"
Tenzin Palmo

True meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness.  It is when the mind is calm and silent yet fully alert.  A state of complete peace. 

In a meditative state you remain fully awake.  You train your mind to block out the external world and events taking place around you.  The aim is for the mind to be relaxed, clear and inwardly focused. 

Meditation training teaches you to reach the inner state, the state that is still and focused, where the mind becomes silent.  When the mind is silent and you are able to ignore distractions, meditation deepens.

Meditation can teach you to see and experience the world with a new found perspective.  You can learn what is truly happening around you and within you.  It is a process of self discovery.  It will make your life richer and more enjoyable.

Meditations goal is to go beyond the mind, our "Ego", and allow us to experience our essence - peace and happiness.  Our Ego is the greatest hurdle to overcome during meditation - what stands between us and awareness.  Meditation teaches us to once again discipline our minds and to reach the stillness where we are able to experience genuine, deep meditation.


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